• Minerva Tutors
    We motivate, encourage and inspire our pupils to success in the exam room, and the world beyond

  • Home Tutors - Tutors, Private Tuition, Tutoring Jobs
    UK`s premier private tutoring organization. Offers the following FREE services: Tutor Search, Request a Tutor, Live Tutoring Platform, Worksheet Directory and much more.

  • Home Tutors Directory - Tutors & Tutoring Advice
    Home Tutors Directory was established in 2005. We provide listings of UK tutors and tutoring agencies for a wide range of curriculum subjects, as well as advice resources relating to private tuition.

  • The Tutor Website
    We are an online resource providing practical advice to private tutors, students and parents on private tuition in the UK. Our tutor directory allows free access to a list of tutors in the UK.

  • First Tutors
    First Tutors is a helpful service that allows people to find private tutors in their area. They cater for a wide range of subjects across all educational levels.


  • Westminster Tutors
    At Westminster Tutors we take pride in our long-standing reputation for providing top flight tuition, and we take pleasure in giving every student the individual attention that allows him or her to flourish.

  • Oxford International College
    Oxford International College is a private tutorial college based in the heart of Oxford. We prepare students for entry into British universities and other higher education institutions.
    The academic courses we offer include A-level, GCSE / IGCSE, University Foundation Programmes and bespoke courses to meet individual requirements.
    We offer a highly personal approach, as most teaching takes place by individual tuition (one-to-one) and sometimes in mini-groups.